8 Resources Every Adoptive Parent Should Have

kiss-g2550d9652_1920Wondering whether you’re ready to become an adoptive parent?

The truth is, almost no one ever feels truly ready for parenthood. There will always be more involved than you can prepare for. But with the right support network, you can live, learn, and grow through the process – while raising a happy and healthy child.

After helping thousands of individuals and couples adopt across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, we have noticed some patterns.

No one has it “all figured out,” but there are certain resources that almost always help.

You don’t need all of them, but as long as you have a few on your side, you will have plenty of emotional resilience to get you through the twists and turns of parenthood. There are challenging times, but they are more than worth it!

Let’s take a closer look at the best resources for adoptive parents:

Couples: Clear, Effective Communication

Before you embark on your adoption journey, always make sure you and your partner are on the same page about your goals. Your ability to communicate openly and honestly about tough subjects will help carry you through times when you need to make far-reaching decisions about your child’s well-being.

Everyone: A Therapist

It’s a wise idea to have a firm handle on mental health as you dive into the challenges of parenthood. The more secure and balanced you feel, the easier it will be to impart the safety and unconditional love that children thrive on. This lays the foundation for their happy and healthy future.

A Doctor You Trust

No one will tell you to go get a checkup before you adopt, but it can give you peace of mind to be current on all of your health concerns. A primary care physician you can rely on is one of the most important allies you can have, especially if adopting an infant – sleep may be scarce in early years!

A Care Team

Your doctor isn’t the only member of your care team. Look closely at your needs and make sure you have local experts you trust to meet them. Depending on you, this might include professionals such as a chiropractor or fitness coach.

A Local Adoptive Parent Group

Adoptive parent groups are highly supportive and encouraging. You will be able to meet people from all walks of life who understand the journey you are on and want to see you succeed. This can help you to expand your social circle, which may seem to dwindle when new parent responsibilities come into play.

Friends and Family Members You Can Count On

It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of your biological family or your family of choice – take stock and understand who you’re most comfortable relying on. Look at different situations (from running up to the store to babysitting) and determine who you feel can be there for you.

Adoptive Parent Resources in Your City and State

Many adoptive parents don’t realize that there are state and local programs that can help them meet their new needs and adjust to parenthood. These programs may offer reduced cost access to things like parenting classes and childhood necessities, among others. Take a look at what’s in your area!

An Adoption Attorney

The process of adoption has some standards that are consistent throughout the United States. While there are no real “surprises,” there can be stressful moments, waiting, and plenty of legal filings. Your adoption attorney is with you every step of the way and can also connect you with resources for parenting. Contact us at Jennifer Fairfax to learn more or get started.

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