The Accuracy for Adoptees Act

The “Accuracy for Adoptees Act,” requires that a Federal Certificate of Citizenship for a child born outside of the United States reflect the child's name and date of birth as indicated on a State court order or State vital records document issued by the child's State of residence after the child has been adopted in that State.

This bill helps adoptive children who had been given inaccurate birthdates abroad primarily due to being abandoned in their home country with no identification or birth record.  When the adoption takes place, the foreign country generally does its best to estimate the child’s birth date.  This date can sometimes differ significantly from the child’s actual date.  Often this becomes apparent during medical exams in the United States and medical professionals are able to establish a more accurate date of birth.  Most state courts have a process to correct a date of birth which often requires evidence from one or two medical professionals – the evidence can be medical, educational or dental records as well.  As a result, when an adoptive parent obtained a corrected birth date from the state court, those records then did not “match up” with the immigration paperwork.  The federal government was not able to change the birth date based on the state records.  These children would end up with a different birth date on their driver’s license than on their passport leading to concerns about identify fraud or citizenship. 

The Accuracy for Adoptees Act solves these problems by requiring federal agencies to recognize amended birth dates issued by state courts.   The bill removes the hurdles and risks families faced in getting a proper birth date for their child. 

Jennifer Fairfax, LLC has already used this provision to assist Maryland and District of Columbia families.  If you adopted a child internationally and you live in Maryland or D.C. and want to learn more about obtaining a correct birth date for your child, email us at

For a full version of the bill, click here.

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