Can We Be Selective Regarding the Race of the Child We Want to Adopt?

AdoptionChoosing to adopt a child is a huge step toward building your family. There are many preferences you must take into consideration, such as gender, age, and even race. Race is significant when it comes to a child's identity as they grow older. You have the choice of adopting a child of your own race, one of another race no matter what their gender, age, or race may be. This is a personal choice and must be carefully discussed.

Choosing Your Child's Race

Many people want to adopt a child that is the same race as they are. Others may choose a child simply based on their age, gender, and if they are older, their personality and character. Talk to the adoption professional that is working with you to set up the adoption. They can help guide you through this part of the decision-making process. If you choose to adopt a child, no matter what their race, there may be things you need to consider such as their culture and heritage and whether or not you will be able to provide them access to it.

Cultural Impacts of Domestic Adoption

Many cultures, including most Native American nations, require that adoptive parents provide adequate cultural contact and instruction to the child as they get older. This involves teaching them their native language and cultural traditions. While this may seem difficult to accomplish at times, it is an essential requirement that helps the child identify with who they are. The same can be said for any child who is adopted by parents outside of their race.

Being Matched with a Child

In addition to race, age, and gender, adoption agencies look to pair the right child with the adoptive parents. Many adoptive parents are willing to adopt older children. In this case, the adoption agency will do their best to find a child that meets the preferences of the adoptive parents and needs of the child. If the adoptive parents have not stated a preference for a particular race, then children with all racial backgrounds will be considered.

Adoption Preferences

When you are first interviewed by the adoption professional, you will be asked to set your preferences. Do you want a newborn or are you interested in adopting a child of any age? Do you have a preference when it comes to race? Most people will lean toward adopting within their own race, but there are others who only look at the needs of the child instead of their race, age, or gender.

If you are considering domestic adoption, you need to think about your preferences and make some important decisions prior to contacting the adoption professional . This will save you time and will allow them to find the best possible match for you. Above all the needs of the child will be the top priority for all involved. Domestic adoption is all about making sure the child has what it needs throughout its lifetime, including its heritage and culture.

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