Does My Private Agency Have to Be in the State Where I Live?

Private Adoption AgencyEvery year, private adoption agencies help thousands of children find a loving forever home. Private agency adoption is distinct from public adoption, which takes place through the foster care system.

The purpose of a private adoption agency is to help families connect with prospective adoptive children and smooth the path toward permanent placement of adoptive children. Agencies work throughout the United States, and every state has many to choose from.

How Does Your Location Affect Private Agency Adoption?

No matter where you live in the United States, you are eligible to participate in private agency adoption if you choose. Some agencies operate in only one state, while others work nationwide, but most of them will be willing to work with you even if you reside out of state.

Being out of state creates a different process in some ways:

· Additional time required for paperwork approval between the states involved.

· Coordinating schedules for officials and families in different states.

· Investments in attorney and agency fees to keep the whole process on track.

That said, distance will never keep a family apart! There is no legal reason why you would not be able to adopt from out of state as long as you meet all of the standard eligibility requirements.

Out-of-State Private Agency Adoptions: What You Need to Know

While many states allow attorneys to facilitate adoptions, private agencies are often considered the “gold standard” in out-of-state adoption. They can make the process much easier for the adoptive parents and help you ensure the child’s best interests are preserved.

When adopting from out of state, the prospective parents must comply with all of the standard requirements for both states. Doing so usually requires working with both an agency and an adoptions attorney versed in interstate adoption law (“ICPC”).

One concern adoptive parents have in this process is home study. Home study is a standard part of the adoption process that requires interviews of parents and others within the household. A home safety review is also conducted to ensure a healthy environment.

A home study is carried out by licensed child-placement agencies in your state of residence. Agencies in both states must coordinate, verify, and approve findings. However, all states have steps in place to ensure these reviews can be carried out effectively.

Get Trusted Advice on Your Out of State Adoption Today

Private adoption agencies will do everything they can to make your out-of-state adoption easier. Still, it’s important to have personalized advice from an experienced, compassionate expert.

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