Expectant and Adoptive Parents: Finding Common Ground

baby-gb3bd57c11_1920Families are made and grow in all kinds of different ways. Whether the journey involves pregnancy, assisted pregnancy, or one of the many forms of adoption, one thing is the same: Parents love and cherish their children and always want the best for them.

When a new addition to the family is on the way, many parents find themselves in new parent groups together with others going through the same adventure. Although there are some differences in their experiences, those are greatly outweighed by the similarities.

No matter what your path has been like, it is a good idea to embrace parents with other stories to tell. A different background means a different perspective that can help you navigate the challenges of being a new parent. Luckily, it’s easy to find so much to relate to!

Let’s consider some of the ways expectant and adoptive parents are similar:

  1. Plenty to Worry and Wonder About

It’s crucial to start by facing the elephant in the room: Every new parent worries! Even when you’re sure parenthood is the next step – and even if you’ve pursued it for many years – doubt is normal. There’s no way for anyone to be “100% prepared” to be a parent. Other parents can certainly validate that for you!

  1. Seeking a Network of Support

Even if you are a single parent, you shouldn’t shoulder everything to do with parenting on your own! For some, this will mean reaching out to their family of birth, loved ones, and friends. For others, it will mean having the right “care team” in place to meet their needs as they handle new responsibilities.

  1. Early Milestones and Adjustments

All parents watch their children for age-appropriate milestones, making sure they are on the path to be happy and healthy. At the same time, there are important changes to be made. First-time parents can be surprised about the lack of sleep and changes in their daily schedule that a child can bring.

  1. Planning for the Future

“The future” can come on very quickly. Some parents will find themselves thinking ahead to things like a good preschool from early on in their parenting life. Others will go still further, starting the process of saving for college. It is good to dream, but don’t lose sight of all the wonders happening right now!

  1. Family Bonding

Kid-friendly activities you gravitate toward today will turn into the new family traditions of tomorrow. You will see your community in a whole new way as you look at it as a parent for the first time. And you’ll have exciting moments big and small as your family develops its own rhythms.

  1. Expanding Your Circle

It is so important to have “mom friends” and “dad friends” within your circle as you embark on this new phase of parenthood. Looking for ways to meet others from early on will help ensure sympathetic ears and supportive shoulders for all the ups and downs that any new parent faces.

  1. A Sense of Relief and Completion

Whether your journey has been nine months or much longer, one thing so many parents tell us about is the sense of relief. Having a new child feels like the “missing piece” you didn’t know was missing – giving you a whole new lease on life and helping you feel enthusiastic for all the future might bring.

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